LSR Mask

Short Description:

Due to the high demand for this liquid silicone part, we have made 6 sets of LSR molds for our customers in total. The number of cavities in each mold is 4 cavity, and the front and rear templates are made of S136 hard steel material, and the hardness is HRC48-52 degrees.


Due to strict product appearance requirements, the parting line of the product must be controlled within 0.03mm. Our mold processing accuracy must be controlled within the range of 0.005-0.01mm. and its irregular parting surface, it is very difficult for our mold manufacturing. We must ensure that our processing equipment and technology can meet customer requirements. Through 35 days of processing and manufacturing, our mold testing was very successful, and our customers immediately put into mass production.


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Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-20-S1066
Surface Finish Process VDI-12
Plastic Material Silicon
Part weight 50.7g
Design Software UG
Part size 128.00 X 120.00 X 65.00mm
Customized Customized
Application Medical industry
Mould size 400 X 450 X 417mm
Part Name LSR Mask
Mould Cavity 1*4
Runner Cold runner for sub gate
Standard DME
Mould Material S136/P20
Mould Life Cycle 1,000,000
Lead Time 35days
Mould Cycle Time: 120's
Payment T T

Application field

Fitted with an eco-friendly reusable silicone respirator with air-tight seal, the  Mask was originally designed and manufactured for frontline workers in high-risk environments. Now it's been made available to everyone.

This mask is also the first of its kind *because it ensures high levels of protection thanks to its innovative and adaptable cartridge design. Because its made from biocompatible skin-friendly materials, the mask can be easily sterilized, reused daily and can last up to two years.

The coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or from encountering a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Designed with 3D face data to suit a variety of facial shapes, the soft silicone conforms to wearers’ facial contours, making it comfortable to wear for long durations without adjustment, bruising or irritation.

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